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Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing)
Students analyse the ways that text structures can be manipulated for effect. They analyse and explain how images, vocabulary choices and language features distinguish the work of individual authors.
They evaluate and integrate ideas and information from texts to form their own interpretations. They select evidence from the text to analyse and explain how language choices and conventions are used to influence an audience. They listen for ways texts position an audience.
Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating)
Students understand how to use a variety of language features to create different levels of meaning. They understand how interpretations can vary by comparing their responses to texts to the responses of others. In creating texts, students demonstrate how manipulating language features and images can create innovative texts.
Students create texts that respond to issues, interpreting and integrating ideas from other texts. They make presentations and contribute actively to class and group discussions, comparing and evaluating responses to ideas and issues. They edit for effect, selecting vocabulary and grammar that contribute to the precision and persuasiveness of texts and using accurate spelling and punctuation.

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Senior English

English aims to promote the language maturity of students by developing their capacity to use language appropriately and effectively in a variety of social contexts, an understanding of how language works and an appreciation of language and its use.

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Senior English Communication

This course is aimed at students who wish to move directly into the workforce on completion of Year 12 or those who have the desire to continue their education at TAFE or other training providers. The course will provide students with the communication knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in any field.

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